Who is this guide for ?

 This website is particularly intended for buyers at public bodies. The references to labels, the various criteria and the clauses have consequeltly been arranged in files, taking account of the legal regulations concerning public procurements. Particular reference can be made to European Directive 2004/18/EC, the Belgian Public Procurement Act of 24 December 1993, the Public Procurements Act of 15 June 2006 and the derivative Royal and Ministerial Decrees. This guide also takes account of the federal circulars on sustainable public procurements (see guide: federal circulars). For more information about the wider legislation on public procurements see the website of the "Chancellery FPS" (www.16procurement.be). The information on the various products and services in this guide can be copied and pasted into the tender specifications of a public procurer. The fact that very many files on this site are under development, does not discharge the purchaser from the responsibility  to look at and qualify the recommendations in his specifications on the basis of his own market study and requirements. The files cover in particular the sustainable aspects within the context of public procurement. They are therefore not model specifications that take account of all aspects of the regulations on public procurements. For more information concerning such model specifications, go to the Belgian portal for public procurement (www.publicprocurement.be)For non-public buyers the files can be an interesting source of inspiration when drawing up specifications or when looking for sustainable products and services. We advise buyers at companies, non-profit organisations and other concerns to read the legal background section, which contains a concise summary of techniques concerning public procurements that can prove useful when drawing up specifications. Read more>>