Regional regulations

 Flemish RegionThe policy on sustainable public procurements in Flanders falls under the authority of the Minister President. The region has a  Flemish action plan for sustainable public procurement 2012 - 2014 and a Flemish action plan for sustainable public procuremen 2009 - 2011. With respect to legal instruments reference can be made to: - Circular concerning the use, acquisition and disposal of service vehicles: (DVO/BZ/P&O/2008/11) - Circular concerning the accessibility of websites (any surfer standard): (DVO/BZ/P&O/2008/2bis) More info (in Dutch) Brussels Capital Region:The policy for sustainable public procurements for the Brussels Capital Region can be found in the circular on the inclusion of ecological and sustainable development criteria in public procurement […] For more information about the policies and the legislative framework (in Dutch and French) The Walloon Region:In 2009 the government of the Walloon Region approved three circulars. This concerns:- Circular on the use of environmentally friendly lubricants in hydraulic installations of the watercourses in the Walloon Region. - Circular concerning invasive exotic species- Circular from the Walloon government concerning the purchase of photocopy and printing paper For more information (in French): Read more >>