Washing-products (professional)

The phrase ‘laundry detergents for professional use’ means products intended for laundering textiles in water by professional users like institutional/industrial users and other large-scale consumers.
The product group covers complete powders and complete liquid detergents as well as a multi-component system. Softeners, rinsing agents and stain removers can also be Swan labelled. These products are then treated like a multi-component system.
A multi-component system is a detergent system based on components used to build up a complete detergent, a stock solution or a laundering programme for automatic dosing.

This system may incorporate a number of products such as pre-wash agents, basic detergents, washing strengtheners, bleaching agents, rinsing agents and special detergents for laundering delicates.
The criteria do not cover special impregnating agents with a water-repelling or flame retarding function.

Products intended purely for consumer use and sold only in grocery shops and consumer non-durable stores cannot be ecolabelled in accordance with these criteria. These are covered by other criteria


  • AU - label
  • Nordic Swan